Brookfield, WI based hand tied extension, lived-in color, and bridal stylist 

About Andrea


I graduated from Aveda IBW in Milwaukee's third ward with my cosmetology license and ever since then have taken the hair industry by the reigns and have been exceeding all of my goals. I have a passion for lived-in/dimensional hair color, luxury extensions, and bridal hair. All three of those go hand in hand! I was once told that I would like to do services on clients that I would like on myself and that is so true. This industry pushes me to be different and challenges me every single day but it only makes me better in the long run. I love to continue my education and keep up with the latest techniques and trends to an extent. My attention to detail helps create consistent results. Anyways, book an appointment with me and come take a seat in my chair. I would love to chat with you and give you your dream hair or be part of your big day <3

Certified in Invisible Bead Exensions, lover of lived-in colors, & bridal stylist in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Andrea Johnson