Home Care Guide

Never use higher than 360 degrees on your hair and ALWAYS use a heat protectant! 
Brush from bottom to top to prevent any knots and breakage. 
Treat your hair like you would your normal hair. 


Invest in a silk pillowcase. The silk helps with slip and prevents knotting in the hair that happens with other fabrics in pillow cases. 
Always wear your hair in braids to bed. This also helps prevent any sort of knotting at nigth when you are moving around in your sleep.


Section your hair in the shower. Ensure that you are gently running your fingers along your weft line(s) to removed any buildup. To ensure a thorough clean, you can go in with a clarifying shampoo and then your normal shampoo and do a double shampoo. Follow with conditioner on ends as always. Be sure to get the hair on your natural hair as well. 


Use your blowdryer on a low/medium heat setting. Using a higher heat can jeopordize your extensions. I have seen first hand what can happen when too high of a head is used on wefts. This can lead to bubbling on your wefts causing discomfort and hair to fall out from the wefts. Make sure before you go to bed that your hair is 90% dry or more. Wet hair during sleep can lead to breakage. 


Always wear your hair in braids while swimming! If not, matting will most likely happen and extensions will be destroyed, Submerging your hair in salt water or chlorine can alter the color espeically in blondes and cause dryness. If possible, prevent getting your hair wet when swimming. Remember that you can always get them removed during summer or before going on a trip to make sure your investment will be protected. 


Goldie Locks! I carry this line in the salon and highly encourage you to use this brand with your extensions as it is 100% extension safe. 


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